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Finishing Touch Flawless – Hair Removal »

Have the soft skin you desire and get rid of unwanted peach fuzz with the help of Finishing Touch Flawless – Hair Removal. The Finishing Touch Flawless – Hair Removal :

Doesn’t Irritate or Nick Skin
Works on all Skin Types and Tones
Gently Removes Hair Anywhere
Dermatologist Approved

Finishing Touch Flawless – Hair Removal appears [...]

Tag Away – Skin Tag Remover »

Get rid of those unwanted skin tags with Tag Away – Skin Tag Remover.
Tag Away – Skin Tag Remover:

Painless Removal
Homeopathic Formula
Works on all Skin Types
Easy to Apply

The Tag Away – Skin Tag Remover removes those unwanted irritating skin tags easily and pain free. This homeopathic remedy will allow your skin tags to dry and fall [...]

Finishing Touch Yes – Hair Removal »

Get the bikini bod you desire with Finishing Touch Yes – Hair Removal. The Finishing Touch Yes – Hair Removal:

One Step Removal
Safe on all Skin Types
Instant and Pain Free
Dermatologist Recommended

The Finishing Touch Yes – Hair Removal removes unwanted hair without the fuss of razors and waxing. No more nicks, cuts, bumps or burns. With Finishing [...]

Spin Spa Beauty Brush »

Give yourself the at home spa experience with the Spin Spa Beauty Brush. The Spin Spa Beauty Brush:

Removes Dead Skin Cells
Massages Tired Muscles
Improves Circulation
Rejuvenates Dry and Cracked Skin

The Spin Spa Beauty Brush soothes and revitalizes skin to a healthier state while leaving it glowing and smooth. We all want to have baby soft skin and [...]

Heel Tastic – Skin Care »

Since we started reviewing a couple of months ago, the Heel Tastic has been one of the best beauty products we have had a chance to review.  The Heel Tastic is a roll-on skin cream that heals dry, flaky skin.  Whether you are a runner with flaky heels or a gardener with dry knees and [...]

Neckline Slimmer Review »

One of the most well known beauty products on TV right now is the Neckline Slimmer.  The Neckline Slimmer, created by Paul Younane, promises to reduce the effects of aging and eliminate loose skin.  The “Turkey Neck” as its called in the infomercial, can be taken care of in as little as 2-3 minutes per [...]

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